Points of Order in the 85th, by Type

As promised, below is a chart that shows the frequency with which each rule was cited in a point of order. The top six rules are listed below the graph. The chart does not include constitutional provisions, which are often called in conjunction with a particular rule. It also doesn't show the success rate of each rule. However, those details for the 85th, along with a description of each of the successful holdings, will be in the next edition of the Texas Legislative Law Handbook. Details and descriptions for the 84th are included in the current edition.

For some context, here is the same chart for the 84th:

This displays graphically what many expected. Attacks on captions (Rule 8.01) have gone up, while attacks on bill analyses (Rule 4.32) have gone down. Also, the number of points of order against amendments to the appropriations bill (Rule 11.03) has gone up. The last big takeaway is that the most common points of order are getting more common. In the 84th, about 75% of all points of order were based on six rules; in the 85th, about 75% of points of order were based on only four.

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