Texas Legislative Law Handbook

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New in the 3rd edition!

  • Redistricting Chapter

  • State Budget Chapter

  • Public Information Act Section

  • Sunset Section

Legislative Process

This chapter details a bill's progress through the legislature, step by step, with citations to all of the applicable rules. 


Legislative Drafting

This is a walkthrough of the important points to consider when drafting a bill. For even more brevity, we put a drafting checklist in the Appendix to catch the most common mistakes. 


Points of Order

This chapter providers each of the most common rules and constitutional provisions used in points of order. Each section also explains relevant precedent from the House Journal. This chapter also has a matching checklist in the Appendix for bill scrubbing.


Statutory Interpretation

This chapter contains hundreds of citations from Texas cases, detailing how bill language should be interpreted. Not only does it help explain what a bill means, but it also helps catch potential misinterpretations.


Administrative Law

Administrative law might be the most valuable chapter in this book. Learn what agencies can and can't do to maximize effectiveness during the interim.


Campaign & Ethics

This chapter was written by ethics guru Andy Cates. He has his own book on the laws that apply to candidates, lobbyists, and PACs, but we asked him to write up a quick overview of the most important points for our readers.

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